Living to Our Full Potential

Are you seeking ways to grow, to make changes that you desire in your life, to enhance your understanding of and connection with yourself and the natural world around you, to achieve balance and inner peace?

The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge offers classes, workshops, and ceremony providing tools for growth and change in a variety of arenas:

  • character development
  • understanding group dynamics
  • identifying and engaging in life’s great challenges
  • physical skill and mastery
  • leadership
  • and much more

The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge is a rich community of like-minded seekers, enhancing each others’ growth by bringing their own individual perspectives, goals, and questions.

The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge and the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path work with medicine wheel teachings, supported by ceremonial tools and experiences. This ancient knowledge serves to awaken human potential and deepen our connection to self, nature and spirit. The path and its tools resonate with the wisdom of other ancient mystery schools, challenging warriors of the light to explore the relationship between spirit and substance and seek a return to balance.

3 Responses to Living to Our Full Potential

  1. Clay Youngblood says:

    I want to come and be an apprentice. I feel like I am ready for this now, or want to talk about it more with some more.

  2. Shirlee Jack says:

    The Vision Quest processes of growth are deeply moving experiences both in individual engagement and in what we can learn from one another. New insights into how my old stories continue to produce dysfunctional behavior patterns provide the platform for transformation. I look forward to applying what has been revealed in my daily life, in order to expand into the fullness of maturity. Thank you, RSL Lodge!
    Shirlee J

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